Weather Woman!

2016-08-28_01.12.54Disguised as a regular weather woman, but endowed with the power to manipulate the elements both inside and outside. #tdc1693 #ds106 #superpowers

Special Features:

How?: This picture was taken on my Nexus 5x phone and then changed on a free app called Photo Editor Pro. I started by adding the “mystical” filter and then proceeded to make the entire shot black and white. From there, I used the sticker feature to add glasses, lightning bolts, clouds, and bubbles. Next, I used the “color splash” feature to bring color back to the outside edges of the photo and select parts of my face and hand. Lastly, I added the black circle overlay to give the photo a sense of someone peaking in on me using my secret powers.

Why?: This post was inspired by the Daily Create to transform a selfie into a superhero with powers of my choice. I’ve always been a big fan of old school DC and Marvel comics, and I’ve always secretly wanted to have superhuman powers. This particular design was inspired by the Superman and X-Men comics. The glasses in my picture are a nod to Superman’s secret identity, Clark Kent, who had to spend his off time as a journalist to disguise the fact that he was a superhero. The weather elements were influenced by Storm from X-Men who had the ability to change and recreate the weather.


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