It “Spoke” to Me


This week’s daily create is of a photograph I took several years ago of my bike tied to a bike rack with even more bikes – bike-ception, if you will.

Special Features:

How?: This photo was taken using my old school Canon SLR film camera and then processed on black and white matte photo paper. This is the raw image without any additional touch-ups besides proper set up and processing in a dark room.

Why?: This image was taken as a part of a series of photos in my college photography course a few years ago. The series was about personal connection. For me, this image shows connection in two ways: firstly, through the fact that my bike is literally attached to the other bikes at this bike rack and the gears and spokes are connected to make the bike run smoothly, and secondly, through the social connections I’ve made as a result of being a bike rider in a large community of bicyclists.


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