“Never forget what you are for surely the world will not.”

In my opinion, Tyrion Lannister is one of the smartest written characters in the history of book and television characters. In the event that you don’t know who I’m talking about, Tyrion is one of the main characters from the novel, made television show, “Game of Thrones.” Tyrion is at first a character that is not easy to relate to – he’s a smart aleck, drunk, privileged imp that uses his family’s wealth to solicit sexual acts from prostitutes. However, with time we get to see beyond this one dimensional portrayal of his personality. He goes from being a morally detestable person to the voice of reason and common sense for his family and friends. We see him blossom into a leader that uses his wit for good. What ultimately ends up setting him apart from the rest is his ability to be okay with who he is and to accept and move on from the things he has done. For this reason, I find myself able to relate to Tyrion and his message of “never forget what you are for surely the world will not.” His quote and character inspired me in the creation of my own house sigil. The symbol in my banner serves in both showcasing who I am to the world and honoring how I have moved on from some dreadful things in my past. The symbol is layered in three parts, the first being the infinite symbol to honor my profession and love for mathematics. The trinity knot is representative of my Irish heritage, past memories of my father’s family, and the verbal and physical abuse that I suffered at their hands. I bear my soul within this Celtic knot, but I also show my rise above and out of that familial madness with the feathered, crowning ornament at the top of my concocted symbol. The words “we are many, we are infinite,” both describe the idea of the infinity of mathematics and the struggles I have faced to become who I am today.

Special Features:

How?: My house sigil was created with the help of an online site called www.Jointherealm.com. The application allows you to select from a variety of symbols. My sigil is the conglomeration of 3 icons: the infinite, the trinity knot, and the fleurdelis. The text was created using the pre-placed textboxes within the template of the banner.

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