Deliver Me to Hell

What do you get when you cross zombies with youtube and pizza? An interactive movie adventure where you call the shots. Deliver Me to Hell is a digital story like none other that you may have experienced before. At first glance, you may think you are just watching a hilarious, four minute remix of Shaun of the Dead. In this version, the ridiculous adventure continues with a brave act to deliver a pizza to a girl stranded and surrounded by zombies. Then the 3:44 mark hits, the screen freezes, and an ominous voice comes forth saying, “Make your decision!” At once, you are presented with two decisions and are forced to only choose one. No matter your choice, the click of a button sends you on to your chosen fate where the adventure either moves forward or it ends and you die. Make the right choices, and you may just be successful in delivering the most epic pizza order ever requested.

Trait Description Critique
Originality, voice, creativity How creative was the production? Did the student exhibit an original sense of voice and a fresh perspective? This production was quite original in its theme of pizza delivery in a zombie apocalypse. I have yet to see another story that incorporates both of these topics in the same plot. Since these two topics don’t normally coexist together, I really appreciated that the authors did not try to make this a serious affair. This fresh perspective paired well with the jokes, puns, jabs, and humor that were woven consistently and successfully throughout the production. It was also quite original in its use of YouTube as its medium. The interactive design was incorporated through the use of the annotations feature (normally used to redirect viewers to related content or videos). Through the annotations, viewers were invited to make choices and continue the story based on their decisions. 10/10
Presentation and performance How effective was the student’s actual presentation or performance? This includes burning a DVD, posting the story on the Web site effectively, performing it before an audience, or whatever the assignment required. Posting the story on YouTube was a new and unique way to create an interactive zombie experience. However, the medium itself can be distracting to viewers. The comment section, recommended video links, and other advertisements can detract from the immersion of the experience. When viewed in full-screen, these distractions disappear, but clicking on a choice then redirects you to a new video which takes you out of full-screen and back to the distractions of the YouTube side panels. The format of the performance leaves something to be desired in this way. 6/10
Story How well did the story work? This trait can address structure, engagement, character transformation or any of the other qualities of story discussed in Part II. In fact, an entire rubric can be devoted to evaluating the quality Throughout the story, the plot tended to jump around from place to place, person to person, and could seem chaotic in the chosen plot devices. Had this been a serious production, the story would have fallen flat. However, much like in the film Shaun of the Dead, the quick, inconsistent, and ridiculous plot changes proved to be an enhancement to the hilarity of this film. The main characters had little character development throughout this story, but their personalities were allowed to shine. The juxtaposition of two opposite characters (one bright, the other not so much) also successfully added to the humor of this production. 9/10

Overall this story was a fun break from the ones I’ve reviewed previously. The humor and ridiculousness of it all made for a fun viewing experience and the interactive portions helped to engage the viewer and make them feel a part of the story. The use of YouTube annotations, while clever, could be distracting at times. It would be interesting to see how the viewing of this story might shift if it were done in another application with less distractions. Then again, maybe this was the right platform for this particular production. In order to be a fun story, it couldn’t take itself too seriously, so maybe using a less formal media tool was the right call in keeping the mood light. What do you think?


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