The Hero We Didn’t Want But Desperately Need


When the end times are near and humanity turns against itself for the sake of survival, one woman  and her crazy, undead cat will be the difference between becoming zombie bait and staying alive. Zombie Zina is like none other in this bleak apocalypse; half zombie, half human she has retained her conscious in the body of a rotting corpse. Within her bitterness at this unfair life, she seeks justice by eliminating the undead scourge from the world and rescuing those who find themselves in peril.

Special Features:

Why?: This week’s daily create comes to you from the DS106 assignment, “The World Needs More Heroes.” The original assignment was to create a hero using Marvel’s hero creator, but after searching through their database of body parts I could not find a single thing to create an undead anti-hero. I was inspired to find a new way of creating the hero I desired and set out to see if there was another simulator I could use instead.

How?: This hero was created by using the HeroMachine – Zombie Edition. All of the features were taken directly from this simulator and colored within the simulator.

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