Scream Team

Who do I trust to be on my side when all hell breaks loose? Realistically, most of my friends and family will be lost to the chaos and those that survive will be ill-equipped to deal with the harsh rules of the new world order. So my dream team consists of four of the most resourceful, rugged, and and intrepid warriors of the apocalypse: Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead), Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead), Doc (Z Nation), and Addy (Z Nation).

Special Features:
Why?: This Daily Create from the DS106 Twitter feed is callled “Build your dream team.”  The idea was to create a poster that includes people that I would want to work with for any reason, and I instantly thought about who I would want on my zombie slaying team.

How?: This image was created using three separate images and Photoshop to mesh them all together. The background of one of the images was kept in tact and the rest erased. I then used a variety of tools to blend, shadow, create a uniform color tone, and blur parts of the image to make it flow together.

The Hero We Didn’t Want But Desperately Need


When the end times are near and humanity turns against itself for the sake of survival, one woman  and her crazy, undead cat will be the difference between becoming zombie bait and staying alive. Zombie Zina is like none other in this bleak apocalypse; half zombie, half human she has retained her conscious in the body of a rotting corpse. Within her bitterness at this unfair life, she seeks justice by eliminating the undead scourge from the world and rescuing those who find themselves in peril.

Special Features:

Why?: This week’s daily create comes to you from the DS106 assignment, “The World Needs More Heroes.” The original assignment was to create a hero using Marvel’s hero creator, but after searching through their database of body parts I could not find a single thing to create an undead anti-hero. I was inspired to find a new way of creating the hero I desired and set out to see if there was another simulator I could use instead.

How?: This hero was created by using the HeroMachine – Zombie Edition. All of the features were taken directly from this simulator and colored within the simulator.

Holding Out Against the Zombie Apocalypse?

Look no further than Machu Picchu! Who wouldn’t want to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth while the rest of the world goes to hell? If that’s not enough to convince you, check out the reasons by below for sticking out the apocalypse in this secluded, resource-filled region. If you’re still not convinced, check out the streetview tour of Machu Picchu itself. Your breath will be taken away…but be careful, stop breathing too long and you may join the undead ranks.


Special Features:

Why?: This week’s daily create is brought to you by DS106’s assignment “Streetview an interesting spot.” I chose Machu Picchu, because during my undergrad years, I studied it heavily in my art history classes. I loved the location so much that I put it on my list of places to see in my lifetime. It also was also mentioned in one of my favorite zombie novels recently as one of the best places to survive in the event of a zombie apocalypse, so I felt it was fitting for many different reasons.

How?: This post is a compilation of screenshots that I took from Google Streetview and


Spooky Shenanigans

As I crossed the threshold, I felt my reality begin to split. My once friendly and familiar front porch began to transform into a nightmare filled with spooks and ghoulish creatures. It was as if I had stepped into an alternate reality – one filled with violence and hatred. My eyes began to conjure visions of death. Not once, not twice, but thrice I saw my own brutal demise. Before my mind could comprehend this dire situation, the prophecies began to come true…one….by one… one.

Special Features:

Why?: This photo comes to your from the DS106 daily create titled “Go ahead, panorama clone yourself.” I am a huge Halloween enthusiast and lover of all things scary (if you couldn’t tell by my unconditional love for zombie horror). After decorating my front porch for the holiday season, I was in the mood to document it with some pictures. I thought to myself, “what better way to take pictures of my porch, than to turn it into a daily create!” and so I went about creating this panorama.

How?: This photograph was created using my Nexus 5x phone’s panorama feature on the camera. No additional editing was needed to create this effect.

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10 Secrets About Zombies the Government is Hiding

The zombie apocalypse is no laughing matter. It is not a story, a hoax, nor a figment of the imagination. It is real and it is coming. It is only a matter of time. Below are a few examples of zombies throughout our written history as well as some tips and tricks about how to deal with them.

P.S. The government does not want you to know about any of these!!!

  1. Zombies are everywhere (mostly in underdeveloped countries), but the government pays U.S. newspapers, book publishers, magazine editors, and other print and visual media sources a yearly stipend to wipe these stories from the public view.
  2. Zombies retain some of their human traits upon turning. Some zombies have been reported as being able to consciously turn on lights, open doors, smile, and even wave their hands in greeting. This is why many people fall victim to loved ones overcome by the zombie virus.
  3. People can carry the zombie virus for weeks and even months at a time without showing symptoms.
  4. While the zombie virus does not manifest symptoms in animal hosts, they can still spread the virus through physical contact with saliva and excrement.
  5. Pregnant women are immune to the effects of the zombie virus.
  6. The Miami face-eating attack wasn’t caused by the drug “bath salts.” There were no drugs found in the body of the man reported to have attacked and eaten a homeless man’s face off. Friends and family of the man reported him of sane mind and even temper. It wasn’t drugs or an aggressive personality; it was the zombie virus.
  7. The CDC has been trying to synthesize a zombie virus vaccine since the 70’s. No trials have been successful to date.
  8. The potent drug Krokodil is not actually a drug. It’s a failed attempt at vaccinating against the zombie virus which has been slowly spreading through Russia since 1952. The vaccine contains samples of the live virus that, when injected, cause the host’s skin to die and rot from their bones – the first stage of zombification.
  9. JFK wasn’t assassinated. Along the campaign trail, he shook hands with a foreign political leader who had been harboring the zombie virus without obvious symptoms. On November 21, JFK began exhibiting symptoms of turning. On November 22, he fell victim to the virus and, after trying to attack and bite his wife, was put down.
  10. Area 51 was never a top-secret research facility for extra-terrestrial life. It was designed as a bunker and safe house in the 40’s for the President and other government officials to hide out when the zombie virus overcomes the general population.


Special Features:

How?: This post was created with the use of an online tool called “Portent Title Generator.” The generator asked me to input a single word, in my case “zombie,” and it spat out an interesting title using that word. My title was “10 Secrets About Zombies the Goverment is Hiding.” From there, I popped open my blog and began to write 10 made-up facts about zombies and fake zombie encounters throughout history.

Why?: This week’s daily create was inspired by my love of zombies, my distaste for clickbait articles, and DS106’s assignment: Blog Post Title Generator… and write that post! Since my focal theme for this blog is zombies, I began by first using that word as my title generator word. The first listing that popped up was the perfect definition of clickbait, and I couldn’t resist writing a fake article about it. I am the first to admit that I cringe every time I read a clickbait title. I cringe even harder when that title gets me to click on its link and read the article. In my opinion, clickbait is the worst kind of time waster, and most of the time it is completely sensationalized. So, of course, I thought about what types of things a zombie clickbait artist might write about and concocted 10 extremely fake and useless bits of trivia to engage the person who clicked on my clickbait title.

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Dozen’t Stop Me

“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.”
-John Steinbeck
This week’s daily create called for a dozen. A dozen of what? A dozen of anything as long as it wasn’t eggs. With my mission in mind, I set out to find some interesting places where a dozen may be hiding in my home. Jumping up from the table, I immediately saw my board game shelf, and I began to rapidly count each shelf for the perfect amount of twelve. Low and behold, 3 shelves down I spotted the proper row. *Snap* Excited that there may be more dozens lurking in my house, I ran up the stairs and flung open my bedroom door. Turning slowly, 360 degrees, I spied my next twelve. Out of the 4 bookshelves in my room, there was again only one case with one shelf that held my precious number. *Clack* Satisfied and ready to return to my computer to begin my post, my boyfriend yells up to me, “dinner’s ready!” As I galloped back down the stairs, I smelled the sweet and savory scents wafting from the kitchen and decided that my post could wait until later – that is, until I saw that he had made me exactly 12 dumplings for dinner. Out popped my camera again. *Click*
Though you can see a variety of dozens within my photos, you may not have  realized there are more hidden within this post. See if you can spot the hidden twelves and post a reply in the comment section with your thoughts. Who knows? Maybe, I’ll get 12 replies.
Special Features:
Why?: This posting was inspired by the true story of finding twelves in my home.
How?: The photographs were taken on my Nexus 5x phone camera and then cropped in MS Paint to more obviously showcase the dozens presented in the photos.
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Weather Woman!

2016-08-28_01.12.54Disguised as a regular weather woman, but endowed with the power to manipulate the elements both inside and outside. #tdc1693 #ds106 #superpowers

Special Features:

How?: This picture was taken on my Nexus 5x phone and then changed on a free app called Photo Editor Pro. I started by adding the “mystical” filter and then proceeded to make the entire shot black and white. From there, I used the sticker feature to add glasses, lightning bolts, clouds, and bubbles. Next, I used the “color splash” feature to bring color back to the outside edges of the photo and select parts of my face and hand. Lastly, I added the black circle overlay to give the photo a sense of someone peaking in on me using my secret powers.

Why?: This post was inspired by the Daily Create to transform a selfie into a superhero with powers of my choice. I’ve always been a big fan of old school DC and Marvel comics, and I’ve always secretly wanted to have superhuman powers. This particular design was inspired by the Superman and X-Men comics. The glasses in my picture are a nod to Superman’s secret identity, Clark Kent, who had to spend his off time as a journalist to disguise the fact that he was a superhero. The weather elements were influenced by Storm from X-Men who had the ability to change and recreate the weather.