Dozen’t Stop Me

“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.”
-John Steinbeck
This week’s daily create called for a dozen. A dozen of what? A dozen of anything as long as it wasn’t eggs. With my mission in mind, I set out to find some interesting places where a dozen may be hiding in my home. Jumping up from the table, I immediately saw my board game shelf, and I began to rapidly count each shelf for the perfect amount of twelve. Low and behold, 3 shelves down I spotted the proper row. *Snap* Excited that there may be more dozens lurking in my house, I ran up the stairs and flung open my bedroom door. Turning slowly, 360 degrees, I spied my next twelve. Out of the 4 bookshelves in my room, there was again only one case with one shelf that held my precious number. *Clack* Satisfied and ready to return to my computer to begin my post, my boyfriend yells up to me, “dinner’s ready!” As I galloped back down the stairs, I smelled the sweet and savory scents wafting from the kitchen and decided that my post could wait until later – that is, until I saw that he had made me exactly 12 dumplings for dinner. Out popped my camera again. *Click*
Though you can see a variety of dozens within my photos, you may not have  realized there are more hidden within this post. See if you can spot the hidden twelves and post a reply in the comment section with your thoughts. Who knows? Maybe, I’ll get 12 replies.
Special Features:
Why?: This posting was inspired by the true story of finding twelves in my home.
How?: The photographs were taken on my Nexus 5x phone camera and then cropped in MS Paint to more obviously showcase the dozens presented in the photos.
@ds106dc #ds106 #tdc1709 # #INTE5340

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